Gunnar’s Icelandic Hot Dogs

A new business called Gunnar’s Icelandic Hot Dogs (instagram) is taking a new twist on the food cart by serving a locally made version of an Icelandic hot dog.

Since Icelandic hot dogs aren’t exported to the US, owner Pete Grebowski is working with The Sausage Kitchen in Lisbon Falls to produce a version of them here in Maine. They’ll be primarily made with ground lamb with some beef and pork mixed in. A loaded Icelandic hot dog is topped with a remoulade, sweet brown mustard, and type of ketchup sweetened with apples instead of sugar as well as crispy fried onions and finely diced raw red onions on a brioche bun. The full Gunnar’s menu is still under development.

Grebowski hopes to launch his food cart June 1st and plans to locate the cart at the corner of Congress Square Park. He plans to be in operation on the weekends and some weeknights, 4;30 to close.