GRO Cafe Review

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed GRO Cafe, the new raw food establishment near Monument Square.

Even without cooking, GRO Café may evolve and flourish too. What they do well is good enough to build upon successfully. The sesame noodles made from zucchini, for example, offered a nice contrast in texture to crisp carrot and celery. The almond Thai sauce was not too thick or sweet. Little nori dumplings were sort of interesting, though their nutty, garlicky, bright green paste was a touch too dense.

but also went on to say

But there are things to improve. In the smallish sea veggie shiitake roll, the bitter collard wrap and seaweed aroma overwhelmed the other flavors. The mushrooms also get a bit lost in a too-sweet marinade when featured in an “Emma Goldman” sandwich, which replaces bread with two circles of wettish undercooked tortilla. But the Goldman was better than the veggie-ball sub . . .

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  1. Brian Duff. who wrote this review is not to savvy. He hates raw food. The so called tortilla are made with tomato and flax. The bread is made in-house and is raw and gluten free. 🙂 I love raw food and am glad that finally we have a place to eat in Portland that is committed to good health and excellent food!

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