Golden Banned from Honey Paw/Eventide/Hugo’s

Today’s Press Herald reports on the ban of food writer John Golden from The Honey Paw, Eventide and Hugo’s.

A longtime local food blogger has been banned from eating at three Portland restaurants because he reviewed one of them after the owners had asked him not to do so.

John Golden, who writes the blog The Golden Dish, on, received an email last week from Arlin Smith, Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley – who collectively own Hugo’s, Eventide and The Honey Paw – telling him that he is no longer welcome in any of their establishments.

The article goes on to report that the owners are banning Golden “because they find him and his writing unprofessional.”

7 comments on “Golden Banned from Honey Paw/Eventide/Hugo’s

  1. He says what’s on his mind, no more no less and does it honestly and sometimes has some fun doing it–but never at anyone’s expense.

  2. What a sad sense of entitlement from the 3 restaurateurs. Freedom of the press? This sets a poor standard in the food blogging world.

  3. Hmmm… that takes out what, about a third of the places he writes about? Considering that his tenure at the MST featured him getting paid to eat at and review the same exact places he’s been calling his favorites ever since he came to town a decade ago, whatever will he write about now? Back Bay Grill 3 times a week?

    Unrelated: Gourmaine, owned by the folks who formerly owned Whattapita and located next to Olive Garden, reopened in March to zero fanfare; they could probably use some!

  4. Smith, Taylor and Wiley come off like elitist snobs. I’ve never read a Golden review that didn’t irritate me, but these holier than thou hipsters make Golden a sympathetic figure. Didn’t think that was possible. While the Middle St. mafia certainly won’t miss my business, the boycott starts today.

  5. Who cares?? Golden is so pompous I’ve called his column the Golden Spoon since day 1. His writing is terrible and not remotely helpful, and his crime scene photos of food are even worse. It’s about time someone put him in his place and I applaud the people at Honeypaw/Eventide/Hugo’s.

  6. Elitist Snobs? They specifically pointed out that a comment directed at Ribolita was off-putting as well as Arlin Smith being an advocate for Sangillos staying in business. Doesn’t sound elitist to me.

    John Golden is a self-assumed personality in Portland. He quotes his business background and his ties to prior publications to gain entry to the eyes of readers. He usually greets any establishment with to many buttons open on his old chub shirt, a drinking/eating companion that is half in the bag or uneasy, and a shitty flash camera that takes pictures of ‘unsuspecting diners’ and brutalizes the quality of food or drink that he is consuming.

    Any business has the right to not ask for someone who is caustic to their environment not to return. The comment of ‘I usually bring my own roses lime just in case” is actual cause for someone to be asked to leave on it’s own in regards to liquor law.

    The sooner this loser moves away the better.

  7. Normally I would think it was the restaurant owners that were being babies but if they’re sticking up for ribollita I have no problem with their actions. Completely and totally uncalled for calling them what he did when there was no need to mention or bash them. Guy is such a tool. Money can’t buy class

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