GoBerry Closing

goberryGoBerry posted a message on instagram yesterday that they “are sad to announce that at the end of September, GoBerry Portland will be closing”.

GoBerry is located at 399 Fore Street across from Gritty’s and right near the intersection with Exchange Street. They’ve been in business in Portland since October 2011.

5 comments on “GoBerry Closing

  1. Congrats on 5 years. What a tough market for their product. All those other ones within a block

    And with a surprise to no one, it looks like pockets is closed. Closed today and coolers are empty. The rents are like 5 or 6 grand a month there. These places can’t afford to bleed for more than a couple months anymore. Honestly, just do a survey of locals first. Anybody could have told you this was not gonna play.

  2. I don’t think Pockets was open even a month. I knew somebody had a horrid business plan when they announced they’d be open twenty four hours a day.

  3. RE: Pockets Their window display advertising ‘expresso’ and signage for smoothies they don’t seem to carry were also bad omens…

  4. The one and only time I popped my head into Pockets half of their sandwiches weren’t available, and there was no pizza oven to make the pizza’s that were on the menu yet. Sounds like they were trying to do too much, none of it particularly well.

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