French Press Eatery—>Tranchemontagne’s

According to a report in the American Journal, the French Press Eatery is temporarily closed while it changes from a breakfast and lunch coffee/sandwich shop to a BBQ and Cajun restaurant serving lunch and dinner. (via Westbrook Diarist)

On Tuesday, James Tranchemontagne admitted they have struggled to keep the French Press profitable, saying, “It never really clicked that it was breakfast and lunch.” He and his brother sat down to discuss its prospects recently and determined the best course was to transition to a lunch and dinner menu. He said the plan is different from last year’s attempted expansion.

“We probably should have done this in July. We are a young company and we learn a lot as we go,” he said.

James Tranchemontagne is the chef of the Frog & Turtle. He and his brother Andre are co-owners of both restaurants.

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  1. Just for clarification. Andre is an owner of both places. We both work at, both the Frog and The French Press (now Tranchemontagne).

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