Fore River & Bissell Brothers

The Portland Phoenix has published an article on the remarkable growth and success of Bissell Brothers since their launch 2 years ago,

So what’s the endgame? Is the new location the first stepping stone towards an even larger-scale brewery? Cool your jets. Both brothers made it clear that their first priority is to meet demand here at home. From the beginning the goal has been to focus on Portland first, and then push out into Maine. They’ve done the latter admirably, but even with the expansion and the increased capacity, they’re still a comparatively small brewery. Peter explains, “We certainly want to grow, but of equal value to us is the social currency of always being able to control our product, to be able to touch where it goes and the people it goes to, and do our best to be a hometown beer that people here are excited to drink.”

and the Press Herald has a report on Fore River Brewing, which recently  opened their doors in South Portland.

Standing in the brewery with LeGassey and Hansen, the only word to describe the new tasting room is “gorgeous.” Mainly the work of Alex Anastasoff, the room is industrial-rustic-chic: all warm woods and concrete floors. Wood beams abound. A wood stove burns next to a brick chimney. Handcrafted light fixtures blink on the walls. Custom wood boards line the ceiling. I know I write about beer, but the tasting room alone is worth the visit.

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