Forbidden Crauxnuts

The owners of Little Bigs have recently been contacted by the NYC creators of the trademark Cronuts with a cease and desist order, according to a report from Maine a la Carte.

The NYC baker who created the Cronut had the name trademarked, and according to James and Pamela Plunkett’s Little Bigs Facebook page, he’s sent the bakers a cease-and-desist order. It seems the name crauxnut is, legally speaking, just a smidge too similar to the trademarked name.

3 comments on “Forbidden Crauxnuts

  1. Hmmmm… I’m not a lawyer but the two names are sufficiently different that I doubt their claim of brand infringement would hold up in court.

    If you remember the North Star Music Cafe that became the North Star Cafe, I will note that name change was because a company in Ohio had a claim (legal) on the their former full name, so dropping Music from the their name was enough to avoid brand infringement.

    These names simply aren’t the same!

  2. To the NYC creators of the Cronut, I say…….FAUK YOU! Cease and desist indeed.

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