Food x Art

A pair of events are taking place next week that team the restaurant industry and two leading art organizations:

  • 15th Annual Portland Symphony Wine Dinner
    Chefs from Fore Street, Evo, The Honey Paw, Union and the Haraseeket In are collaborating on a 5-course dinner featuring wines from Spain.Call (207) 773-6128 to reserve a seat.
  • Portland Stage Overnight for the Arts
    Featuring a 3-course dinner by Lolita and Maine & Loire, attend a production of  My Name is Asher Lev, special backstage tour, a talk by executive director Anita Stewart and an overnight stay at the Pomegranate Inn. Call (207) 774-0465 for tickets.

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  1. Saw terilingua posting about available retail space next to them. That other eatery back out?

    On a side note, it really looks like lazzari is going all out and not worrying about expenses. Oven he got is no joke. He’s also looking at that newly renovated space across from art museum(where new zapoteca project was going) for an upscale BBQ place if he can work it out with landlord

  2. Nick, Yes Lively Palate called it quits so the space is back on the market. A number of people have already been checking it out. That’s great to hear that Lazzari continues to move forward.

  3. Nick when you say across from the art museum you’re talking about the big corner space next to WCSH6 at High and Congress with the tall glass windows? I would love to see some forward progress with that space and the few next to it moving west on Congress. Right now there is a lot of bird droppings, graffiti and papered-over windows on the first part of that block. A chinese restaurant is moving into the old Anna’s space but it looks like they’ve just begun renovating.

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