2 Perspectives on Minimum Wage Referendum

The Press Herald has provided space on their op/ed page for both Five Fifty-Five co-owner, Michelle Corry, and a server at the restaurant, Heather McIntosh, to share their perspectives on the referendum to increase the state’s minimum wage.

The paper also followed up yesterday to interview them others about the opposing views on the issue,

The debate over the tipped minimum wage has restaurant workers and their employers – in some restaurants, anyway – talking about more than plating sauces and table turnover, especially when they are at odds with one another. The initiative would gradually increase the minimum wage paid to tip earners from $3.75 to $5 per hour in 2017, then add a dollar a year until tipped employees make the same minimum wage as other workers. That means by 2024, they would be earning $12 an hour.

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  1. There’s a simple solution: Eliminate tipping, raise prices accordingly and pay all FOH & BOH team members fair and competitive wages. That’s what Danny Meyer is doing with his restaurants. It’s referred to as “Enlightened Hospitality,” meaning take care of your team member, make them your highest priority and they will deliver exceptional service to guests all of the time. And staff turnover will drop exponentially. Refer to the book “Setting The Table” by Danny Meyer for more information.

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