Food & Wine: The Maine Event

The August issue of Food & Wine includes an article about Portland.

Portland’s reputation as the foodiest, friendliest small town in America is undeniable, but the restaurant scene is now officially in overdrive. From noodle bars to natural wines, fried chicken to cocktails, we’ve got 14 reasons to visit Maine this month.

The article highlights: Drifters Wife, Figgy’s, Rhum, Rossobianco, Roustabout, Scales, Solo Italiano, Tandem Coffee and Bakery, Terlingua, The Honey Paw, The Press Hotel, and Thompson’s Point as well as Custom Deluxe and The Velveteen Habit.

The article isn’t online yet.

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  1. How can they write about Rossobianco since the magazine plan 3 months in advance and the restaurant is hardly open?

  2. I agree that was an unexpected choice given national publications usually don’t like to mention a restaurant until it has opened and don’t often take the risk that a spot will open in time for the publication date.

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