Food Truck Task Force

The Forecaster has published a report on Portland’s new Food Truck Task Force.

“You’ll see it happen,” said Steve DiMillo Sr., a restaurateur who is concerned about the way the city regulates food trucks on two fronts:

Loosely regulated food trucks could set up near his DiMillo’s restaurant on the waterfront, bringing direct competition.

And DiMillo is also considering moving into the new market. “We’re talking about … a Dimillo’s mobile operation,” he said.

“It makes sense for a lot of us operators to diversify and open up other arms of our operations, especially because we could do a lot of the prep work in our kitchens,” DiMillo said.

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  1. Loosely regulated? Most of what I’ve read about the industry suggests that standards tend to be HIGHER for mobile food operations, partly to answer the public’s assumption that food trucks are “dirty.”

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