Food Jeopardy

Today’s Press Herald reports on a SMCC team that’s training to compete in the Northeast Region Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl.

Boardman reads the “Jeopardy”-style question Bradeen has chosen from the board: “From top to bottom, what order should duck, ground beef, salmon and strawberries be stored?”

Ding! Bradeen’s team hits the bell by the time the word “salmon” comes out of the coach’s mouth.

and a Local Foodie article on the monthly macrobiotic potluck dinner.

I loaded up my plate with a delicious assortment of barley, gingered chickpeas, steamed collard greens, azuki beans and squash, cabbage with poppy seeds, spring rolls, tofu salad, alfalfa sprouts, udon salad with sesame ginger sauce, pesto pasta, and lasagna made with tofu filling and a carrot-beet sauce.

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