4 comments on “Flea Bites & Rising Tide

  1. Cheryl and I sampled through El Corazon’s offerings and were wildly impressed. Great flavors and textures served with a winning smile. This truck has success written all over it so it’ll be easy to find….just look for a mob everywhere they go!

  2. Wow! Just came from El Corazon, and love what I tried. The fish taco was excellent. Absolutely excellent. The sonoran hotdog, was so good. Honestly, I have never been one for these “completo” type dogs, and don’t remember them at all growing up in Arizona. But this was so tasty, well-balanced, and leaving me excited to have another one. The salsas that came with the tamales were yummy – the red salsa garlicky, the green tart and bit creamy. Want to see what those salsas do? Take a bit of the tamale plain, then with a bit of salsa. Yes! Love that about mexican food, how the “condiment” is fully part of the flavor.

    I enjoyed it, anyway 🙂

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