Fishbowl Leaving Public Market

Maine a la Carte reports that Fishbowl Farm will be exiting the Portland Farmers Market at the end of this year.

Once these summer markets close up shop around Thanksgiving, Fishbowl Farm intends to change its business model and focus on wholesale accounts for salad greens. The plan calls for selling greens from early spring through late fall.

One comment on “Fishbowl Leaving Public Market

  1. It’s good news for consumers that at least they’ll be growing greens pretty much year round. At first, they announced they would be leaving farming altogether and moving away from the area. Then Chris decided that they could grown greens in their greenhouses wholesale only on a scaled-down farm and stay in Bowdoinham. The good news for farmers market customers is that at least one farm is already planning to fill the off-season niche for produce left by the departure of Fishbowl. I t just shows how great the robust and vibrant local farm market scene is.

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