First Reviews of Piccolo

Wines; Tasted! and The Golden Dish have both published a reviews of Piccolo.

I’m really excited about Piccolo, not just because it’s southern Italian cuisine is a new addition to Portland and different from the northern and Tuscan Italian we already have.  Damian and Ilma both seem to be technically talented chefs; however, what made the food memorable to me is that it tasted like they were really passionate about it and excited to finally be able to share it with people.  That’s what I love about food and wine: the connections, emotions, history, and culture that’s bound up in it. [Wines; Tasted!]

The couple who joined me for dinner had, however, mixed feelings about the food as we progressed. Portlanders, they also live in Tuscany and are well versed in the cuisines of Italy. The husband thought the cooking could have been more robust while his wife, as did I, disagreed completely, loving every bite and morsel. It’s subtle, it’s elegant but passionate cooking. [The Golden Dish]

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