First Review of Pai Men Miyake

Appetite Portland has published a 7-point review of Pai Men Miyake.

2. Ramen like it should be. All three ramen bowls (pork, miso, soy) are tasty with nicely cooked noodles, but my favorite is the heady Soy. The salt in the soy kicks the fat and marrow in the broth into high gear and keeps the rich oil front and center as you slurp. Shake in a dash of white pepper and the complexity intensifies – releasing a burst of scallion and spices. Lean over the steaming bowl and just inhale for awhile. I swear this soup could cure anything that ails ya – cold, hangover, bad temper. . .

One comment on “First Review of Pai Men Miyake

  1. I understand that this is a nice account of a meal eaten at Masa Miyake’s new noodle shop, and well deserved i’m sure, but could the food bloggers relax a little. For all their food industry knowledge and need to be the first on the scene, they are overlooking the fact that the first week “review” is just too much. Opening a new place is hard enough without the blogger critics picking everything apart on the internet!

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