February Bollard

The February edition of The Bollard includes an installment of the Land of the Forgotten Cocktails series on alcohol infused winter warm-ups,

The Hot Toddy is a study in pure efficacy — it does something, and does it exceedingly well, at that — but we love this cocktail for its flexibility. Simply put, a Hot Toddy is a heated single serving of an old 18th century–style punch, and should be treated with as free and inventive a hand as the mixer can muster.

and a survey of the offerings at three ethnic markets serving immigrants from Latin America and others in the city: La Bodega Latina, Los Amigos International Market and Victory’s Grocery.

“We’re a small store, but we got stuff that Hannaford doesn’t have,” said Juan [Gonzalez]’s daughter, Jasmine. La Bodega Latina carries banana leaves, empanada skins, Jamaica flower drink concentrate, several varieties of chorizo, tamarind soda, and 21 varieties of beans (many of which you won’t find on the shelves at Hannaford or Shaw’s).

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