Eventide Oyster Company Now Open

Hugo’s new companion eatery, Eventide Oyster Company, is now open for business.

The oyster menu is the most extensive in the city with 9 varieties of Maine oysters and another 9 from away (see menu below). Winterpoints, my favorite Maine oysters, are on the menu except these are Winterpoint Selects, which at least for now, are exclusively available at Eventide. In addition to the raw bar, Eventide serves a range of raw and cooked appetizers, as well as a small set of entrees and desserts.

I had the pleasure of attending their open house for friends and family earlier this week, (see photos below) and aside from when I dropped and broke a wine glass, it all went very smoothly. I’m looking forward to a return trip very soon to start making my way through the rest of the oyster list. I wonder if there will be a “mug club” for anyone who tries them all?

Eventide is located immediately adjacent to Hugo’s on Middle Street in the space formerly occupied by Rabelais.

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