Evangeline Review

Portland Food Heads has reviewed a recent meal at Evangeline where he had the clabber-fed whole roast chicken.

The family-style, Sunday dinner feel of this meal was exactly what I had been hoping for, and, at this point, I wasn’t sure things could get much better.

That is, until I took a bite of the chicken. I’ll spare everyone the wasted time and say that this was flat out the best chicken I’ve ever had in my entire life. I probably roast about 20-30 birds a year, and never have I tasted a chicken with such buttery, “chickeny” flesh.

The clabber-fed roast chicken is now available at Evangeline provided you call ahead and give them 24 hour advance notice.

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  1. Erik did offer it in a regular dish as a breast, without notice last Thursday. It was fantastic!

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