El Tipico Now Open

El Tipico, a new Dominican restaurant, has opened on 539 Deering Ave in the space formerly occupied by StarEast Cafe. The owner is Julio Vinas. The restaurant opened a week and a half ago on Saturday, September 14.

Two other changes worth noting on outer Forest: Euro Market has closed and Al Huda has changed its name to Babylon.

4 comments on “El Tipico Now Open

  1. So when was the last time that you actually went to StarEast? Was it anytime in the past year? I’m curious as your comment is typical of why so many places don’t have enough customers as everyone likes them but hardly anyone actually goes there.

    I believe StarEast closed over a ear ago…

  2. I would append to Cat’s comment about “hardly anyone actually goes there” and hardly any blogger blogs about these smaller shops. For a region that cheers loudly about the Buy Local mantra, it would be nice to see the love and attention shared with the smaller mom ‘n pop (and typically ethnic) restaurants that can’t get the ravenous, trendy gossip that our more popular restauranteurs get. Nothing against those folks who are hittin’ it out of the restaurant business park because they do deserve kudos, but we don’t need 8 blog posts jockeying for first review.

  3. @Cat, No, I haven’t been to StarEast in 3 years. I stopped when my office moved from USM to Falmouth, and otherwise Outer Forest isn’t on my travel path. But I do make it out that way to frequent Bayou Kitchen.
    And @Em, I agree that some of the longer running, less “foodie” places do need to be recognized and supported in the traditional and blogger media. No argument here.

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