El Rayo

Sol Foods LLC, the company behind the new Mexican restaurant under construction on York Street, won approval last night from the Portland City Council for a liquor license. They were planning on calling the restaurant Taco Land but have decide to go by El Rayo instead. Their liquor license application includes a draft menu.

6 comments on “El Rayo

  1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Portland will finally have a good Mexican restaurant! Good job finding the menu buried in that large PDF.

  2. What the heck page is the menu on? I keep randomly trying numbers but so far no luck.

  3. It’s on page 51 of the PDF. The link should have taken you directly to that page. Sorry it didn’t work for you.

  4. Thanks! Got in….good to see they will have some margaritas! Not just beer and wine. I think Costa Vida will have to rethink that again.

  5. Where did you see them list margaritas? I didn’t see any alcohol on their menu but know they got a liquor license is all.

  6. Bryan – just a leap of faith I guess. They are applying for a full liquor license not just beer and wine, so the mind wanders….

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