El Rayo Now Open

elrayoEl Rayo is now open. They started lunch service yesterday and, according to owner Cheryl Lewis, they’ll be begin doing dinner sometime in the next few days as soon as they work out a few more details.

3 comments on “El Rayo Now Open

  1. Got a Pollo Burrito for lunch today and it was pretty tasty! The guacamole was amazing! Looking forward to going again and trying a Margarita 🙂 Opening for dinner this Saturday night.

  2. Get ready to pay 15 bucks and still be hungry. There is nothing authentic about the place other than the copied art. I expected the line and poor service b/c they are new. Yet, the prices were insulting…$3.50 + tax for an ear of corn. Good corn but…..c’mon. $3.95 + tax for the smallest taco ever. All of this would be forgiven if it was “real.” Like a taqueria in L.A. or Tucson. Instead they tried to deliver what they thought people in Maine wanted…more gringo food trying to act “authentic.” At first I was mad. Then insulted. Finally sad. Such a good idea poorly executed. How can you, in good conscious, charge $4.50 plus tax for store bought chips and three tablespoons (seriously) of guac? Good luck in the new economy. If I was a legal Mexican, who knew how to cook tacos, I would open up across the street and they would fold before the Summer ended. They even have a “taco americano” on the menu….just incase someone breaks out in a sweat b/c they really wanted Taco Bell. Like going into an authentic Chinese restaurant and seeing Chop Suey on the menu. Sad.

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