Dok Mali Thai Kitchen

A new restaurant called Dok Mali Thai Kitchen is under construction in the former Lois’ Market space at 47 India Street. The 32-seat restaurant is being launched by chef Nonglack Thanephonesy.

Chef Thanephonesy plans to tap into her own culinary creativity as well as inspiration drawn from contemporary trends in street food and regional cooking in Thailand to serve a menu that departs from the standards served at many Thai restaurants today. Some example dishes include a lychee duck dish she’s currently developing as well as her aunt’s recipe for Mee Ka Tee, a curry soup.

In addition to Dok Mali Thanephonesy is also the owner of Capital Thai Kitchen and Bar in Exeter, NH. She grew up in Portland and is looking forward to bringing her vision for a Thai restaurant to her home town and to downtown Portland.

Thanephonesy hopes to open Dok Mali on Memorial Day weekend.

The architect for Dok Mali is Tracie Reed from Dextrous Creative. Reed has also been the architect of Rose Foods, Belleville on North Street and the redesign underway at East Bayside Tandem Coffee.