Desjarlais Leaving Evangeline to Become Full-Time Dad

Erik Desjarlais has sent out a press release announcing his decision to resign his post as Chef at Evangeline in order to become a full-time parent to his daughter Cortland.
Here’s the full text of the announcement:

I’m bittersweetly pleased to announce my resignation as Chef of Evangeline restaurant.

As 2011 approaches, and my daughter Cortland nears 6 months, I’m recognizing the delicate role that is parenthood.   This recognition definitely makes this choice an easy one.

The intensity of my role at Evangeline drew me away from spending any time with our daughter whatsoever, and with two restaurant chef/owners under one roof, time is a valuable asset.

Moderating my time spent at Evangeline would have an adverse effect on the business, so I have decided to move my role as full time nurturer from the restaurant to our daughter, which I’m sure any parent would understand.

I’m very proud of what I have accomplished at Evangeline, and I am definitely excited to move forward from my role as Chef to my role as a full time Dad and supportive husband.

I feel very fortunate to be in a position in life to have this amazing opportunity.  And while I will sincerely miss firing up the ranges every day and making the food I love, I’m excited to be immersed in diapers, teething, baby-babble, and all of Cortland’s “firsts.”

I’d like to thank all of my wonderful staff, past and present, the family farms I have worked so closely with, and all of the guests who frequent my tables to enjoy my efforts at creating a dining experience.

Erik Desjarlais

Update: for additional reporting see Maine Travel Maven and the Press Herald.

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  1. Respect the decision, but do please share on the future of my favorite dining spot in Portland

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