Dear Dairy Ice Cream

Dear Dairy (instagram) has leased 1,400 sq ft of space at 160 Presumscot Street where they plan to locate their new ice cream production space and studio.

Co-owners Alec Haviland and Glenn Dalrymple shared that “Dear Dairy started as an art project and we wanted it to keep feeling like one…So we’ve been balancing finding a space that didn’t cost so much that we would have to grow into something we didn’t want to be but that also allowed us the space we needed to spread our creative wings and fly.”

To that end, Dear Dairy is co-leasing the space with clothing designer Celia Haviland and artist Shawn Brewer. The hope is that the creative energy of these various disciplines under one roof will be inspiring for all, and will “permeate into the ice creams and cakes and the fabrics and clothing and prints that all make their way out the same doors.”

Once they’ve completed the build out and are back in operation, the expanded space will allow Dear Dairy room to “experiment and weave new flavors and house made inclusions into ice creams that we will continue packaging into 12 Oz containers to sell in grocery stores”. Dear Dairy will also plans to provide home delivery for their ice cream, as well as continue making custom flavors for restaurants.
Haviland and Dalrymple hope to get production back underway early next year.

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