Cuties in the Old Port

A group of friends and industry professionals—Bryce Summers, Garrett Lenderman, Ryan Nielsen, Arvid Brown and Nick Coffin—have teamed up to lease the former Petite Jacqueline space where they plan to open Cuties (instagram).

Cuties will be an all-day bar that starts off as a coffee shop in the morning and transitions in the evening into a wine and cocktail bar.  There will be a mix of bar and lounge seating and a drink rail that runs the length of the windows facing Market Street.

The vision for Cuties is to offer a brightly lit and welcoming space for folks to gather over low-ABV drinks, coffee and laptops during the day. Evenings will morph into an unfussy wine and cocktail bar and will highlight an affordable bottle list and playful drinks like unique frozen cocktails, a rotating margarita menu and an espresso martini on nitro. Later into the night Cuties will embrace a “lights down, music up” atmosphere that encourages good times while still offering good product. The food program will be a tight, fresh, and fun selection of snacks that aims to complement the beverage offerings.

Lenderman and Summers currently work at Bar Futo where Summer is the bar manager, Nielsen was the initial chef at Magnus and operates the Wild Haven pop-up series, and Coffin and Brown are the owners of Room for Improvement which launched in 2023.

The team plans to fully launch into renovations this fall and hopes to launch Cuties this winter.