Cupcake Review of Aurora Provisions

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I am so glad that my tipster let me know they had cupcakes there that day, since it really was the best basic cupcake I have had in a while. The butter cream frosting was really light and not too sweet. The flavor for the frosting was spot on to complement the chocolate cupcake. The sugar sprinkles gave it a fantastic crunch and obvious visual appeal…

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  1. I’ve tried several kinds of cupcakes on several occasions at Aurora Provisions. I found them to be inconsistent. The first cupcake I ever had there was flavorful & moist, but the second one (albeit a different flavor) tasted dull & dry. It may be wise to ask the staff how fresh they are before buying them. And obviously let it warm up to room temperature, too. They may be keeping them too cold in the display case.

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