Craft/Craft Curbside Under Development

A new restaurant called Craft is in the early stage of  development with plans to be located in Windham. In the near term, co-owners Chase Rochon and Dylan Duran Stafford are launching Craft Curbside (instagram) a “hyper locally sourced prepared food and cocktail mixer shop”.

Rochon is  the front of house manager at Liquid Riot where he works with Stafford who is the bar manager. Joining them will be chef Tyler Reinhart who is Johnson & Wales graduate and a Liquid Riot alum.

Craft will be a restaurant with craft cocktails and a catering arm. Rochon is a Certified Cider Professional and plans to work with Maine cider makers on some special house blends.


4 comments on “Craft/Craft Curbside Under Development

  1. I’m not sure if the name is protected but, these guys should know that Craft is the name of a very famous restaurant in NYC. Craft has at least a couple locations in the U.S. and is owned by Chef Tom Colicchio. He has also been the the lead judge on a show called Top Chef.

  2. In other ‘Under Construction’ news- Taytene Cafe in Sopo has new sign announcing June 1st opening.

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