Conde Nast Traveler Portland Guides

Conde Nast Traveler has published a set of articles about Portland that highlight their picks for the:

CN Traveler ha also published an article about Maine Food for Thought tours,

Sarah and Bryce Hack, the married couple behind the tour, are consummate professionals who know their Maine food—not to mention all the ways Maine’s complex food system, its agricultural policy, farm-to-table ethos, economic challenges, and historic dedication to high-quality foods yields the creative dishes Portland restaurants are known for. Their delivery is eloquent and fascinating, organized and well-rehearsed.

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  1. Snooze… it’s the same 15 places that everyone has to pick. Maybe go to other places before you make the list. If you’re going to include restaurants, Baharat should be on there. So many other actual “bars” that deserve it to.

  2. I totally agree. Back Bay Grill is the finest restaurant in the city. And, Isa Bistro is inspired. Fore Street is so unappealing. Scales is so expensive.

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