Cupcake Comparsion

Edible Obsessions, The Blueberry Files and Appetite Portland have co-produced a broad survey of cupcake bakers in the Portland area comparing cupcakes from Katie Made, Tulip’s Cupcakery, 158 Pickett Street Cafe, Scratch Baking, Two Fat Cats, Rosemont Market and Cakeface. OF the competition in the fruit cupcake category TBF wrote,

Tulip Cupcakery’s Pumpkin cupcake came in second, with a big pumpkin flavor in a dense, moist cake. The 158 Picket Street Cafe Apple Spice Brown Sugar with Cream Cheese frosting had a mild flavor and was more like a quick bread than a cupcake. It was not my favorite, but Scratch Bakery’s cupcake was a hard act to follow.

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