Colby Alums in the Food Industry

The new issue of the Colby alumni magazine highlights the stories of 9 graduates making their mark in the Maine food industry including Maine rice farmer Ben Rooney, Pemaquid Oyster Company co-founders Jeff McKeen and Carter Newell, Blue Ox Malthouse founder Joel Alex, James Beard nominated chef Mike Wiley, Ocean Approved co-founder Paul Dobbins, and several others.

I don’t if it’s because I also went to Colby and so am more likely to notice the connection but my sense is there are a lot of Colby alumni working and leading in the Maine food industry.

3 comments on “Colby Alums in the Food Industry

  1. Sam, the article did mention Andy Smith and a few others that I didn’t highlight in my summary. I believe the Colby alumni magazine has written about John Bunker in the past. I expect they’ll continue to write about alums involved in the Maine food industry in the years to come. There are so many stories to tell.

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