Children and Restaurants

Today’s Portland Daily Sun provides some advice on bringing children to restaurants.

Generally, if there is mac and cheese listed (the kind without lobster and truffles) or any variation of deep-fried Twinkies, the place tolerates toddlers and stoned college students. If you can’t pronounce the majority of the gilded menu, Open Table it someplace else.

One comment on “Children and Restaurants

  1. Good article. With our 2.5 year old we bring him out to many breakfast and lunch spots. For dinner we follow a few rules. First, if they don’t have a high chair or boaster seat, then they are not setup for kids, go elsewhere. Second, if they aren’t willing to make a grilled cheese or bowl of pasta, go elsewhere. Finally, if it is a pre-fix menu date night spot, go elsewhere.

    I don’t begrudge any restaurant that doesn’t want to serve kids. Also parents do need to use judgment regarding setting and their kids. I have found that a few top tier restaurants in Portland that are accommodating such as Zapoteca, PJ Bistro and 555 (lounge or main dining for brunch).

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