Cheryl Lewis Joins C Salt

Chef Cheryl Lewis has joined the team at C Salt where she’ll be taking the lead as the General Manager of the Cape Elizabeth market.

Lewis has spent the last several years working as executive chef at El Rayo. She was also the original owner of Aurora Provisions and tells me she’s looking forward to once again working at a retail store.

6 comments on “Cheryl Lewis Joins C Salt

  1. Hoping Cheryl can pass along some much needed advice for the FOH and customer service goals as well. Lacking service and attentiveness has been the consistent obstacle to even trying the food.

  2. Errr, T — I’m confused. If you’ve not tried the food, how can you be commenting on the issues you noted?

  3. Cat, not sure what T is referring to specifically but they do sell groceries and other items that you can purchase other than their in-house prepared foods so it could just be that general service. We tried this place opening weekend. It is a beautiful set up but the sandwiches were a disappointment. We will have to give it another try now.

  4. Sadly, I tried running in the other day to buy a chocolate chip cookie. One woman at the register and 4 of us in line. After at least 3 minutes with the first woman, I calculated it would take at least 10 minutes to buy a cookie so I had to leave. The worst part was again there was only one person at the (huge) counter and the new GM sitting there working on a laptop by the kitchen. So it appears service is as lousy as before. I’ve had some really good sandwiches in recent history like the BLT, but service is too slow and indifferent!! Giving up unless I have lots of time in which case there are lovely sit down options elsewhere.

  5. I’ve gone there numerous times and have experienced nothing but great service, great food…what’s all the griping?

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