Chef William D’Auvray Opening Restaurant in Portland

willDA chef named William D’Auvray (twitter) has moved from Florida to Portland where he plans on opening a restaurant on Commercial Street. D’Auvray and business partner Angelo Ciocca, president of Nova Seafood are in the final stages of leasing the former Spread restaurant for this new venture.

In North Carolina D’Auvray ran an Asian themed seafood restaurant called Fins, and Buku which served a menu of “global streetfood”. He was also involved in Thasos a Greek restaurant in Fort Laudardale. A very thorough biography of the chef’s education and career can be found on the Eat & Critique Show.

Once the partners have decided on a name for the restaurant they’ll be releasing further details on the concept.

6 comments on “Chef William D’Auvray Opening Restaurant in Portland

  1. Very exciting. A genuine seafood restaurant in Portland would be a first. Yes, I mean a first.

  2. Hi Bill, ever heard of a little seafood shack called Street & Company?

  3. I guess the question is, What exactly is Bill’s idea of a seafood restaurant? Are you seeking Le Bernadin? Seems to me Old Port Sea Grill, Boone’s, Street and Co as well as Susans, Dry Dock, Gilberts’s are all sea food restaurants….

  4. I think you’ll find a new chef to breathe a breath of fresh air into the Portland food scene. I’m not talking about the over-priced, small plate, hipster version of dining that’s breezed in over the last few months.

    Have been to Boone’s three times now and will NOT return. First time, the service was terrible and food was “eh.” Gave them the benefit of the doubt as it was in their first week. Went a second time and the service was slightly improved and found the food overpriced and, again, “eh.” Went this LAST time and found the service horrible, the food greasy, cold and over sauced/seasoned.

    Street & Co and Fore Street are wonderful– albeit dated at this point. Reliable food, great service, and a “treat” to spend money for a night out.

    Gilbert’s, Susan’s, and Dry Dock are fine if you’re looking for a full belly, a beer, and no atmosphere.

  5. Yes, I would like Le Bernadin. Without the prices. Given that Portland is not Manhattan that should be not difficult. Go to their their menu and ask yourself how many have you been offered at Street or Fore.
    Am I suppose to satisfied with mussels (fore street) or scallops (street and co.)
    forever? Bill

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