Changes to Portland’s Food Truck Regulations

The Portland Daily Sun has published an article about proposed changes to Portland’s food truck regulations.

The amendments to the ordinances related to food trucks — which were passed unanimously — will allow trucks to be parked with 65 feet of each other but not an open restaurant; restructure the permitting process and fee; increase the size limits on trucks; and ease the time restrictions for trucks to set up in metered parking spaces, giving them an extra two hours.

The changes are moving forward for a vote by the City Council.

One comment on “Changes to Portland’s Food Truck Regulations

  1. Oddly enough, the informal policy of traffic officers has been to ignore the food trucks as much as possibly, so this just firms up what is already happening. After all, no one wants to move a truck when a lunch crowd is waiting.

    That said, Small Axe wins for having two regular spots, (one for breakfast near Tandem Coffee, one for lunch accross for the old Press Herald building), both off the street and well patronized.

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