Catbird Creamey

Today’s Press Herald includes an article about the Catbird Creamery in Westbrook.

“Vanilla in the summertime pretty much walks out the door,” said Corey DiGirolamo, who runs the shop with her husband, Andrew Warren.

That’s fine, DiGirolamo said, but the couple put a lot of effort into stretching the idea of ice cream flavors in a lot of different directions, like Furious George, which features caramelized bananas and dark chocolate chips. And, oh, hot pepper.

Catbird is in the midst of a $60,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money so they can move the business to new quarters.

2 comments on “Catbird Creamey

  1. Wonder if they’re trying to stay in Westbrook?

    There has been a sign up for joes New York pizza since that fire saying they were opening soon. Today that sign was switched out with a for lease one. Wouldn’t be suprised to see otto jump on that

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