Catbird Creamery

The Portland Phoenix has published a profile of Catbird Creamery, a new ice cream shop that’s found a temporary home at Fit to Eat on Market Street.

And then there’s the Furious George. “My wife came up with the name and I sat down and thought ‘What would Furious George ice cream be?'” he says. The answer: Hot pepper ice cream, caramelized bananas, and big chunks of dark chocolate. The hot pepper can be surprising, since the cream makes it linger on the tongue, but the bananas and chocolate mellow it out and bring it together. Experimenting with different combinations is a big part of the fun — [owner Andrew] Warren hopes his customers will come to trust his flavors.

Catbird is the third ice cream purveyor to open shop in Portland this Summer and that doesn’t even include the new Maple’s Scoop Shop in South Portland or the seasonal reopening of the sidewalk ice cream window at Bonobo.

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