Casa Novello & Munjoy Hill Mimosa

Today’s Portland Daily Sun includes a look at Portland Dine Around’s 2-1 deal in the context of a review of Casa Novello in Westbrook,

Price: $16.99 is the high end of the spectrum for the most popular 2-4-1 entrée of Casa Chicken Marsala. Casa’s version is an enormous portion of fresh chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, and marsala wine, sautéed with cream and oil.  It is rich, and perhaps artery hardening, and well worth the extra 15 minutes on the tread mill (order it over penne so the sauce can get in the little ridges).

and a report on the Munjoy Hill Mimosa,

Beware, ye lovers of drink: The “Munjoy Hill Mimosa” gave me the smack-down. It’s a deceptive concoction, a vague mixture of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, and orange juice, mixed to taste.

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