Cantina Closing Update (Updated)

The Bangor Daily News has published an update on the recent closing of El Rayo Cantina.

The Cantina, a bar counterpart to the more casual El Rayo Taqueria, opened in January 2012 on York Street. In the summertime, a sleek fire pit and Airstream trailer bar lent the spot a California vibe.

It closed after two-and-a-half years to make way for a future parking garage, said Dana. El Rayo Taqueria, which is seeking new peninsula space, will eventually meet the same fate.

Update: For additional reporting see the article posted by the Press Herald.

2 comments on “Cantina Closing Update (Updated)

  1. It’s actually retail, housing, and yes, parking. J.B. Brown, the owners, have made public their plans to develop that property long before El Rayo leased the space from them.

    And it makes no sense that they’re closing the Cantina allegedly because of the property being developed as none of the property is slated for construction for at least a year from now. Trust me when I say that El Rayo wouldn’t want to be there if a parking garage was being constructed that close to the space they’re keeping open!

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