Caiola’s in Transition (Updated)


Chefs Damian Sansonetti and Ilma Lopez have applied for a liquor license for Caiola’s. The couple are in the final stages of purchasing Caiola’s from owners Abby Harmon and Lisa Vaccaro.

Harmon and Vaccaro opened Caiola’s nearly 11 years ago. They’re immediate plans after the sale call for some much deserved time off.

Lopez and Sansonetti are co-owners of Piccolo. They don’t plan to make any dramatic changes to Caiola’s on taking over.

For additional information, read this article from the Press Herald.

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  1. If it had to change hands, this seems about the best possible outcome.

    Wasn’t there a Piccolo-Hunt & Alpine restaurant in the works? I’d guess this means that’s now off the table?

  2. Giorgio, You’re correct. The Piccolo/Hunt & Alpine collaboration is no longer moving forward.

  3. Heard from a source that a brewpub may be going into dancing elephant space on main st in westbrook. Will take up a couple spaces.

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