Brunswick’s Tao Opening Restaurant in Portland (Updated)

Cara Stadler, chef owner of Tao Yuan restaurant in Brunswick, will be opening a Portland restaurant this Spring, according to a report from Maine a la Carte.

The West End Deli is moving, and a restaurant featuring Chinese dumplings is already under construction in its place. Chef Cara Stadler, who owns Tao Yuan in Brunswick…confirmed today that the basement of the building at 133 Spring St…is being excavated and the space will be reconfigured into a single-level restaurant. It is expected to open in April or May…

Update: There’s been some question about where the West End Deli is moving to. A reliable source tells me that they plan on moving a couple blocks away on Congress Street.

4 comments on “Brunswick’s Tao Opening Restaurant in Portland (Updated)

  1. Im confused: if the restaurant is going in the basement, what’s going where the West End Deli is? And where’s the West End Market (which was open yesterday when I walked by) going?

  2. It’s not exactly clear to me either. My best guess: that diners will sit in the new basement space and that the kitchen would remain on the first floor. The article doesn’t say where the deli is moving to. What locations in the West End are unoccupied for them to move to?

  3. Lola, I’ve never heard anyone in the State call the basement the ground floor; in Europe and the UK, what we call the first floor is called ground floor.

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