Brunch Survey

The 207 Foodie has posted a survey of her favorite Sunday brunch spots.

If you love the weekend, I bet that you love brunch just as much as I do. Weekends and brunch are the perfect marriage of food (and cocktails). So here’s the crucial question: where do you go? I have the answer, with Portland’s best brunch spots. You can thank me later.

3 comments on “Brunch Survey

  1. 207 foodie should check their facts. Caiola’s has been opened since 2003–and not for the 20 years mentioned.

  2. I would’ve sworn that Caiola’s was a lot older than that, but I’ll admit I lose track of how long restaurants have been around.

    If it wasn’t for this site, I doubt most of us could keep track of all the details of such a vibrant science that we’re so blessed with.

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