Bread & Friends on Fore

The founders of Bread & Friends (website, instagram) have leased nearly 3,000 sq ft of space at 505 Fore Street where they plan to open their bakery and daytime cafe. They’ll be working with Bolt Coffee out of Providence on a coffee program, and had this to share about plans for the cafe menu,

We’re really excited to focus on elevating the traditional bakery/cafe experience for our breakfast and lunch menus. We’ll focus on smaller plates for sharing in addition to some classic breakfast/cafe fare like sandwiches and crossover with our bread program (fresh from the oven baguettes with butter and jam) There will be a big emphasis on seasonal cooking and local ingredients, fresh and simple food. Think more snacks, appetizers, bites than big plates and platters.

Bread & Friends will be milling their own grain and baking in a Llopis wood-fired brick oven. They have hired Carrie Dessertine from Mey & Co. to redesign the former Pizzarino space and hope to open Bread & Friends late this coming summer.

The business is the creation of two couples: Maggie and Tanner Rubin and Jessica Rattey and Jeremy Broucek, who all moved to Portland from California where they worked in the bakeries and restaurants of the Bay Area including Tartine, State Bird Provisions and The Progress. Tanner Rubin will be the head baker for Bread and Friends. He has spent a number of years in the Bay Area baking for Josey Baker Bread, Midwife and the Baker, and Tartine, and prior to moving West got his start at Publican Quality Bread in Chicago. Rattey, Broucek, and Maggie Rubin met when all three worked at the Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions and at its sister restaurant The Progress. Rubin was part of the admin and operations staff, Rattey worked front of house, and Broucek was the chef de cuisine at The Progress.