Brea Lu Cafe Moving

Brea Lu Cafe (website, facebook, instagram) has announced they’ve leased a new space at 100 Larrabee Road in Westbrook. The new location will seat 170 people—up from 45 at their current location—and will include an in-house bakery as well.

Thank you for being soooooo patient. Here is your payoff. Our new space is located at 100 Larrebee Rd Westbrook. We finally signed a lease. We’re extremely excited. We are going from 45 seats to 170. Hopefully you’ll never wait again. Also we will be having a bakery inside the restaurant. We will also be welcoming Heather Norton back to our restaurant. She will be our full time baker. So looks like the gang is getting back together. I’m so excited. Dear Westbrook We Love You. We Could Never Leave You.

Brea Lu was originally located at 428 Forest Ave. After a fire in their building they relocated in 2016 to their current spot at 9 Cumberland Street in Westbrook.

Update: the Larrabee Road move fell through, according to a report from the Press Herald the owners are now in talks to move to a different spot in Westbrook.