Boston Globe: Culinary Boom in Portland

The Boston Globe has published a report on the restaurant boom in Portland.

I had heard about a few great places to nosh in Portland, but for the love of Jenny Craig, the number of good restaurants in a city this size is absolutely criminal. Several more bars and eateries are expected to open in the coming months.

“There are so many things that are happening here in Portland,” said Shannon Bard, executive chef and proprietor of Zapoteca. “There’s a huge influx of chefs coming here from out of state; they’re leaving bigger cities to see what’s going on and opening here.”

Venues mentioned in the article: Blue Rooster, Central Provisions, Duckfat, Eventide, Hunt and Alpine Club, Lolita, Piccolo, Sea Glass, Slab, Standard Baking, Sweetgrass, The Holy Donut, Vena’s Fizz House, Zapoteca.

2 comments on “Boston Globe: Culinary Boom in Portland

  1. All great restaurants but these have become the overused-used names when there’s so much more like Caiola’s 555, Back Bay Grill, et al

  2. I agree that it’s getting old seeing same five places.

    So in the article it mentions the noodle bar Hugo’s/eventide will be doing. I wonder if they’re moving eventide to bigger end spot and doing noodle bar in middle . Would also guess their restaurant off of ocean ave is dead

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