Borealis Review

Borealis Breads received 3 stars from this week’s Eat & Run column in the Press Herald.

Whoever made this chowder did everything right. The flavors were well-balanced, and the consistency just right. The herb wasn’t overwhelming, and the potatoes were neither over- nor undercooked. And did I mention there was lots of shrimp? At $6.50 for a 12-ounce bowl, it was worth every penny.

I was less impressed with my sandwich. The roast turkey with onion jam and cream cheese (sounds good, doesn’t it?) came without the onion jam because they were out of it that day. Some kind of caramelized onions was substituted.

Later, I also discovered there was no cream cheese.

One comment on “Borealis Review

  1. The sandwich I had at Borealis was delicious but WAY over priced. 7.50 for a turkey on regular bread with some veggies is just too much for me to visit here regularly.
    For two of us to have basic sandwiches, share a bag of chips and get a sparkling water and ginger ale it cost about 21 dollars. At that price I feel we should have also had soups or salads or two orders of fries… at the least beers!
    Nice atmosphere, good food, but won’t make it into my regular rotation unless something changes in price structure.

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