Bon Appetit Top 50: East Ender and Tandem Bakery

Bon Appétit has included both East Ender and Tandem Coffee + Bakery in their list of 50 nominees for this year’s best new restaurants.

Every year, we announce the Bon Appétit Hot 10, our list of America’s Best New Restaurants. And it all starts with these 50 nominees. Over the last several months, Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer criss-crossed the country seeking out the truly original, innovative, and unexpected cooking taking place right now. These are the spots that killed it this year. The restaurants range from a quintessential French bistro to a place that serves pretty much only hummus, an eclectic brewpub to a vodka-soaked Russian joint. The one thing they have in common is this: flat-out deliciousness. Which ones of these 50 nominees will earn a spot in the Hot 10? Check back August 18 to find out.

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