Bon Appétit: 6 New Restaurants in Portland

Bon Appétit editor Alex Dealney was recently in town and has posted this report on Little Giant, Cong Tu Bot, Noble Barbecue, Belleville, Island Creek Oyster Shop and Rose Foods.

Portland, Maine is a bit of an anomaly. For such a small city, it has no business having such a high concentration of killer restaurants, bars, and breweries. Every time I’m there, I’m amazed. From diners to serious cocktail establishments to bakeries, Portland shows up in full.

I recently spent a few days eating around Portland, checking out spots that had opened since I was in town in the spring, and falling into comfortable, beer-coaxed sleeps. I’m happy to report that, like any noteworthy food city, Portland’s scene is still changing, growing, and impressing.

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