Bom Dia on India Street

A new quick-service acai and coffee shop called Bom Dia Cafe (website, instagram) is under construction at 47 India Street in a space immediately adjacent to Dok Mali on India Street. Owner Fletch Moffett hopes to open Bom Dia in February.

Bom Dia will be serving acai bowls, coffee, smoothies, and bagels. Their signature Bom Dia Bowl will contain an acai blend with gluten free granola, topped with banana, strawberry, blueberry, natural peanut butter, and cacao nibs.

Prior to moving to Portland, Moffett owned and operated the Freshies (instagram) acai food truck in North Conway. He gained initial experience working at Carioca Bowls acai shop in Portland, Oregon.

The 26-seat cafe was designed by Dextrous Creative, an architecture firm that’s also designed the new Tandem on Anderson Street, Dok Mali, Belleville and Rose Foods.

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