Bollard: Harding Lee Smith Article #2

The Bollard has published a 2nd article about chef Harding Lee Smith, owner of The Front Room, The Grill Room, The Corner Room and Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room.

During the two months since our July issue hit the streets, hardly a day has gone by that I have not encountered someone eager to share their own account of awful behavior by the subjects of that issue’s cover story: Chef Harding Lee Smith and his wife, Darcy.

2 comments on “Bollard: Harding Lee Smith Article #2

  1. You really have to wonder what Busby’s agenda here. He’s clearly piling on. Not saying Smith is not a bad boss and maybe a bad person, although my interactions with him have been fine.

    Is Busby going to expose every bad boss in Portland?

  2. I agree with Matt as the first article, be it a hack job or not, was more than sufficient to do the job of whatever a busby was intending, but I have noticed that Busby tends to act a lot like a local yellow journalist in that he never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

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